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Park Lane Outdoor Sculpture Gallery
In the heart of Downtown Kirkland, Park Lane is a vibrant festival street that features an outdoor sculpture gallery as the centerpiece of the popular boutique shopping corridor.

Curated by the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission and managed by the Kirkland Arts Center, sculptures are displayed on a rotating basis and for sale to the public.

Current sculptures include:

Pareidolia People
“Pareidolia People,” created by engineer and artist Ed McCarthy, are six steel structures that explore the relationship between people and their environment. The metal ‘people’ are a family of individuals that are shaped by city objects and nature. The public art exhibition on Park Lane in downtown Kirkland is expected to inspire visitors to reflect on their place in urban dwellings as well as their relationship to each other while navigating the city. The steel structures will remain on Park Lane through July 2019. See Pareidolia People: Sculptural Installation On Park Lane tv_camera

Sales inquiries should be directed to the Kirkland Arts Center at (425) 822-7161 or e-mailed to Ed Mccarthy.
Pareidolia People 1 I shed light on those below me (Street Lamppost)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 79” (h) x 30” (w) x 18”(d)
Weight: 200 lbs
Price: $5,000

Pareidolia People 2 I watch salmon from the bridge above (Bridge Railing Pilaster)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 70” (h) x 23” (w) x 12”(d)
Weight: 225 lbs
Price: $5,000

Pareidolia People 3 I stop traffic with a single command (Traffic Signal)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 107” (h) x 32” (w) x 18”(d)
Weight: 340 lbs
Price: $6,000
Pareidolia People 4 I go up and down between flights (Stairwell)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 66” (h) x 44” (w) x 28”(d)
Weight: 380 lbs
Price: $6,000
Pareidolia People 5 I am part of the city skyline (Building)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 53” (h) x 37” (w) x 20”(d)
Weight: 400 lbs
Price: $5,500
Pareidolia People 7 I carry a building on my shoulders (Building Column)
Material: Steel
Dimensions: 60” (h) x 22” (w) x 14”(d)
Weight: 250 lbs
Price: $5,000

Past sold sculptures include:
Kelp Totem III Kelp Totem III: Orca
Artist: Lin McJunkin
Lin McJunkin Art Glass and Sculpture
Material: Welded Steel, glass kiln-carved
Dimensions: 14” (w) x 84” (h) x 14”(d)
Weight: 200 lbs
Price: $5,500

Artist Statement
The 1/4” thick, sturdy kiln-carved glass sections are secured into the welded metal framework in the shape of a strand of kelp.  Each detail is my interpretation of local Coast Salish orca designs: fins, tail, teeth and ribs, eyes and internal organs. The entire piece balances on the kelp’s “bladder,” a 5” ring of sintered (gently fused) glass in shades of blue.​

Park Lane Hero Hero
Artist: Don Anderson 
Material: Stainless Steel, painted steel
Dimensions: 14.5” (w) x 68” (h) x 15.25”(d)
Weight: 60 lbs
Price: $4,200

Artist Statement
The abstract imagery I work with is nature based, from observation of Fractals and recurring energy themes (wind, heat, waves). My creative work is all hand crafted with original forms; cut, fabricated, welded, polished, and balanced with earth elements (stone, iron, wood) for conceptual impact.

Unlimited Horizons Unlimited Horizons
Artist: Gary Lee Price
Howard Mandville Gallery
Material: Bronze
Price: $8,600

Artist Statement
“UNLIMITED HORIZONS” is about life’s journey—not just the final destination! As our young pilot looks up at the vast skies and contemplates his next flight, he is fully aware that although he is going to arrive at his destination, his ‘journey’ has only begun! He realizes that not only will there be many storms and course corrections along the way, it will be worth the effort and he will find incredible joy and happiness en-route!

Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission is a volunteer board that works to help arts, cultural and heritage grow and thrive in the City of Kirkland. Along with supporting art and cultural initiatives throughout the year the Cultural Arts Commission advises the City Council on art acquisition and promotes strategic arts planning in Kirkland.
4Culture LogoSupport of the Kirkland Outdoor Sculpture Gallery comes from 4Culture.

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