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SIFF Kirkland—Deconstructing Dani García
Date: June 7, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Kirkland Performance Center Map it
350 Kirkland Ave
Kirkland, WA

Deconstructing Dani García | Deconstruyendo a Dani García | 2016 Seattle International Film Festival


Spain | 2015 | 72 minutes | Iñigo Ruiz, Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas

A Spanish haute cuisine chef whose two-Michelin-star restaurant closes must reinvent himself through a creative journey that includes finding a new location, discovering talented chefs, and developing a delectable menu.

In January 2014, Spanish Michelin star-awarded chef Dani Garcia came to a crucial crossroads in his career. The restaurant Garcia cooked at decided not to continue as an establishment, leaving him scrambling to come up with a new idea and a new kitchen to manage. Food for Garcia has always been a celebration, whether it be in his mother's house, eating her home-cooked meals with his young daughters, or in a chaotic kitchen mastering a more nouvelle cuisine menu. Yet sometimes he second-guesses himself—wondering if all the stress, nights away from his family, and financial difficulties are even worth it. Deconstructing Dani García is a documentary that chronicles Garcia's rise and fall and rise again as he loses everything and, with the support of his closest friends and family, begins anew, opening a visionary establishment in New York that combines haute cuisine with more accessible dining. Celebrating not only delicious food and the talent of Garcia, Deconstructing Dani García is a flavorful and inspirational look at creativity and dedication in the face of adversary.

Director Biography
lñigo Ruiz graduated in journalism from the University of Navarra. His documentary Closer to Gasol covers the Catalonian basketball player Pau Gasol's first year in Memphis. Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas is a renowned film director and television producer with a long career. After 17 years at Canal + Spain, he decided to start his own production company, La Caña Brothers, where he has produced feature films, documentaries, TV shows, and much more.

Sponsored by Honorary Consulate of Spain in Seattle, Accion Cultural Española, The Seattle Times

Director:  Iñigo Ruiz, Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas 
Premier Status:  North American Premiere