Yuri Naumov in concert

12037 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
(571) 839-4368
  • Presented By: Stage 7 Pianos
  • Dates: September 25, 2021
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Price: $35

Guitar virtuoso, one-man band, sonic shaman. Inventor of unique "flowing chords" playing technique, together with bends, counterpoints, and 26 alternative guitar tunings. Founder of Russian Blues.

There are many artists, who enrich one's world, please the senses, evoke aesthetic admiration, or even humble the perceiver with mastery of their art form. Yuri Naumov, a unique Russian Blues composer and a virtuoso nine-string guitar instrumentalist, surely does all that, but he aims for much more — to touch, even play on, the most intimate emotional strings of the psyche, which only a select few of his colleagues may touch.

He has surely reached his aims, along with cult status, in his native Russia, a nation famous for superb music and poetry. While the two been practiced to perfection separately, in Russian cultural space they rarely coexist in on equal footing within the same art form. Yuri has blossomed in the twilight of the repressive Soviet regime, to become a legend for merging the two with uncompromising quality, while achieving hitherto unparalleled freedom of emotional spiritual expression.

Yuri is credited with inventing distinctly Russian blues sound, like his trademark Gothic Blues that does not have direct analogues in a worldwide blues scene, as well as many signature instrumental techniques and styles. His method allows him to sound like as a "one-man band" (as Guitar World and The New Yorker called him), all on a single, albeit especially designed instrument. His nine string guitar, custom-made by famous Russian violin maker, and an ingenious combination of sound effects, create an impression of multiple players, united in counterpoint. A music expert famously lost a hefty wager, betting that Yuri was, at the very least, a duet.

Yuri Naumov may be unbelievable as a soloist, but to a Russian ear he is surely a singular influence, devotedly trusted to enter the innermost sanctum of the soul. You don't need to be Russian (though it surely helps with lyrics) to be touched by his magic blues, rushing through the veins of his penetrating compositions that paint pain with sound.

Night on the Highway -

Orgasm Blues (guitar impovisation) -


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