Fleur Studio

12409 NE 124th, Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 821-4997
“FLEUR” is a French word meaning flower followed by the word “studio” to represent our intent for this space. This studio is designed to be multi-use and a stepping stone for all artists and businesses in the Greater Seattle Area. Whether you’re a photographer, a florist, a coffee connoisseur, a videographer, an event planner, or just looking for a space to host your next party, Fleur Studio covers it all. This is a place for you to come to relax, create or showcase your work. We work hard to foster an environment where inspiration and dreams can thrive. Check out our offerings below! Come shop, create, sip on coffee, or even host your next event, photoshoot, or workshop here. Let’s create beauty together. Love, Fleur