501 Market Street, Kirkland, WA 98033
We started in 2007 as a small, woman-owned business from an adoring home in Mt. Baker. Kids tightly nestled around an oversized table in a cozy kitchen surrounded by sprinkles, flour and all things delicious. We quickly grew from our neighborhood roots to a brick and mortar location in Kirkland where we were able to expand our business model and began attracting larger groups of kids, teens and even adults! From there a fire was lit with the desire to expand yet again! With the goal of inspiring even more kids, teens and adults to step in the kitchen, don an apron and find their creative outlet through food, University Village was born summer 2018! With a local and intimate footprint and nationwide aspiration, FrogLegs Culinary Academy offers a hands-on approach to cooking. Our dynamic team brings ingredients to life while inspiring and building confidence in a fun and educational way. Whether celebrating your kiddos fabulous birthday party, tasting the world through one of our many summer camps, sipping rose during our macaron & charcuterie workshop or learning the fine art of paella in one of our many adult classes, or coming together with colleagues for a corporate event, we offer a delectable menu primed for every taste bud. While at FrogLegs, make sure you take a moment to visit our Treat Mercantile for a festive lineup of party supplies and gifts, as well as scratch baked cookies and safe to eat, not to mention delicious, edible cookie dough in our University Village location. We welcome you into our home and around our table, pull up a stool and stay a while! Hoppy Cooking, Mrs. FrogLegs