Grounded Above The Clouds

30 Lakeshore Plaza Suite 102, Kirkland, WA 98033
(530) 228-4586
We host creative workshops designed to give you a personal and professional life you love! This is the culmination of a combined 28 years of research and practice. Using our unique REVOLUTIONARY process, we provide a mental workout that will change your life in just two hours a week-no joke! Each 6 week session is comprised of specific weekly content designed to promote creativity, connection, and innovation related to both personal life and professional excellence.Engaging in our revolutionary creative process can produce just that! We have designed workshops that give you a unique mental workout that is scientifically proven to expand neurological connections, increase capacity for new information, create connections in community, improve adaptability, decrease stress, and promote physical wellbeing. We do sessions for groups of individuals, as well as groups of employees. There is no better way to improve productivity and workplace culture. Although the science behind our process is AMAZING, the best part is that it is FUN! We’re talkin’ good, old-fashion, get your hands dirty, laugh until your abs hurt, fun!! You will walk away a happier and more productive person every time, and that’s just the short term benefits!