NYB Gallery

1260 Carillion Point, Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 658-3968
NYB is an international contemporary fine art gallery based in the Greater Seattle Area. Our catalogues include awe-inspiring pieces from a diverse range of countries and cultures, as well as a rich variety of mediums; from paintings, murals, and limited edition photographs to installations and sculptures. NYB is proud to provide businesses with the art that suits them best. We will engage with you personally to find pieces that resonate with your space and business community. Contemporary art has positive effects on an environment that can be hard to fully imagine until a piece is on display. Pieces from the NYB catalogue, curated by owner Nayoung Buchan, have the ability to transform familiar spaces and open new windows onto diverse customs and perspectives. Contemporary fine art brightens and enriches a business’s culture, inspiring a sense of belonging, pride, and creative thinking among employees and members. A job seeker or potential client who enters a business and finds it rich with impactful art feels a difference when they step through the door — a difference in both the physical space, and in the uplifted community of people who work there. It is NYB’s commitment to strengthen your business through contemporary artwork, and support your workplace’s culture and quality of life toward becoming the absolute best they can be.