Salt & Straw

12620 120TH AVE NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 242-3386
For years, Kim Malek was dreaming about the creation of a community gathering place. One where you could run into neighbors, spend time with family, or treat yourself. A great neighborhood place. The answer was clearly an ice cream shop. Enter Tyler, her cousin who wanted in. But there was a catch: Neither had ever made ice cream before. Luckily, Tyler wasn’t afraid of his rookie status. He spent $16 on four used ice cream makers and got to work, spending hours endlessly testing flavor ideas in his own personal Wonka-verse (a.k.a., Kim’s basement). Meanwhile, Kim cashed in her savings and bought a cart. And then the two of them turned to their community, asking friends—chefs, chocolatiers, brewers and farmers—for advice, finding inspiration everywhere they looked. And that’s how Salt & Straw came to be. Our ice cream gives you a moment of happiness and connection to the community around you. If you ever stop believing in magic, eat some ice cream.