Smoke & Shine Barbecue

11516 124th Ave. N.E., Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 968-8107
In the Pit It's been said that barbecue was a southern food with a national audience, well now it’s a national food with Southern roots. Traditional lines have been blurred and each region brings its own touch to their meats. One thing remains the same regardless of region, utilizing quality ingredients and aromatic woods to provide the highest quality barbecue. At Smoke & Shine we don't take any shortcuts and have taking aspects from all regions to create our own PNW style of barbecue. We smoke our meats daily with various local fruit woods which impart a sweeter and more aromatic smoke and flavor to the barbecue. On top of quality woods we work closely with our neighboring farms to utilize the highest quality ingredients possible. On the Plate Meat is king here at Smoke & Shine and we smoke a lot of it. From briskets and ribs to pulled pork and chicken, we smoke it all. Our smoked meats may be king but our side dishes put up quite the fight. We took the beloved southern classics our own unique PNW twists. Brisket Chili, Baked beans with smoke drippings, Frito Pie, Hush Puppies with bourbon butter just to name a few. We are sure you won't leave us hungry.