The Shop

94 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033
Our mission statement shows what we want for each one of our customers; to provide an unparalleled experience through our technical expertise and superior customer service at an affordable price. We hope that we get the chance to prove this to you. We know without a shadow of doubt that you are the only reason we are in business. Without you there is no us. We believe this sets us apart. So many times every day we go somewhere and end up feeling like we were just another statistic, going through a process that is analyzed for profitability. Of course a business wants to be profitable but do they have to forget about the experience you have? Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide more value than the cost of a service EVERY opportunity you give us. It may not seem like much but we know YOU are the most important part of our business. Thank you for finding out what we are all about. We can't wait for the opportunity to welcome you to The Shop and show you that there is a place where you can get more value for your dollar because you are you! There doesn't need to be another reason after all.