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Holiday Events

Kirkland embraces its diverse community by hosting a range of holiday-themed celebrations that showcase its commitment to inclusivity, family, and unity. From lively 4th of July celebrations to the joyous Google Lights festival, the magnificent Argosy Christmas Ship Festival, and the vibrant Nowruz Persian celebration marking the arrival of spring, these events epitomize Kirkland's dedication to honoring various cultures and bringing people together.

Winter Events in Kirkland

Visit Winterfest, held every December in Marina Park, and grab a cup of free hot chocolate, served to you by members of the Kirkland City Council! This fun tradition has been ongoing for years, giving our residents the chance to mingle and celebrate with Councilmembers and guests. While it seldom snows in Kirkland, kids of all ages love sledding down “Marina Mountain,” a custom-made snowy hill created just for Winterfest! Don’t forget about Celestial Lights, a spectacular showcase of choral and choral-orchestral music set against the magical backdrop of the Bastyr University Chapel.

Nothing will ignite your holiday spirit more than Google Lights, which takes place at the Google Campus and the Cross Kirkland Corridor. Like Winterfest, Google Lights is held every December, and features a stunning display of beautiful colored lights choreographed to music! The event includes carolers, free cider, and other surprises that change from year to year. 

Spring Events in Kirkland

Many other holiday events await your discovery! In spring, attend the northwest's only Nowruz Festival in Marina Park, a traditional celebration of springtime and re-birth important in the Persian community. The Fourth of July parade and celebration in Kirkland is famous for its inventive parade participants and its down-home, American community spirit.  

Summer Events in Kirkland

During the vibrant summer months, the city comes alive with a myriad of exciting events and festivities. The highlight is the enthusiastic 4th of July celebration, marked by jovial community parades and colorful fireworks that paint the night sky in dazzling hues, bringing together residents and visitors in patriotic jubilation.

Aside from Independence Day festivities, Kirkland hosts a diverse array of summertime events. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy outdoor concerts in scenic parks, engaging farmers' markets brimming with local produce and artisanal crafts, as well as numerous cultural festivals celebrating the city's rich tapestry of traditions and heritage. Waterfront activities on Lake Washington, such as boating, paddleboarding, and lakeside strolls, offer refreshing ways to soak up the summer sun and scenic beauty that define Kirkland's charm.

Fall Events in Kirkland

Fall is a canvas of colors and exciting events. Harvest festivals, like the celebrated Pumpkins in the Park and Oktoberfest, offer a delightful showcase of downtown festivities including costume contests, vendors, and seasonal foods. These events, along with arts celebrations and scenic park walks amidst stunning foliage, create a vibrant atmosphere. Kirkland's fall is a spectacular blend of seasonal festivities and community spirit that captivates all who join in the autumnal revelry.