Kirkland is just across Lake Washington from the incredible Emerald City of Seattle. While in Kirkland we take great pride on being a ‘big small city’ with an incredible variety of things to do and experiences right within our own boundaries, Seattle is a metropolis unlike any in the world and we highly recommend exploring that phenomenal city for a day during your stay in Kirkland. There is literally no end of incredible things to do in Seattle. Whether you are a family on a budget seeking free and low cost, child friendly adventures, or a seasoned traveler seeking to explore little known, untrampled assets and treasures, there is something for everyone in the Emerald City. In Seattle, you can admire world class, priceless art in museums, and explore an incredible range of public and street art on your own sojourns around town. You can explore like a local the myriad and diverse neighborhoods that comprise Seattle’s unique character, and revel in nature, all in one day, all within the city limits. 

Seattle’s tourism team has a fabulous portal detailing all kinds of amazing attractions and things to do in the city here. Take a gander and choose your adventure. It’s just a short hop across the 520 bridge from the oasis that is Kirkland, and we’ll be waiting with a welcoming smile and a calming lake breeze and libation to greet you when you return.