Theater & Performance

Kirkland's arts and cultural scene is wildly alive and vibrant, and draws visitors from all over the nation and world to partake in a rich and wide tableau of offerings.  The phenomenal Kirkland Performance Center is a cultural kingpin of the City, and lives up to its mission through hundreds of performances annually to "provide a gathering place where people come together to express themselves creatively, exchange ideas, share culture, and connect with one another". Deeply beloved, Studio East has grown from a small organization teaching theater to teens in the 1990s, to one of the largest children’s theater training programs in the Seattle Metro area. Today, between the Studio’s camps and classes and its professional, adult touring arm, StoryBook Theater, Studio East serves over 70,000 people annually. Come and take in a performance, or several, and experience the depth and breadth of Kirkland's cultural offerings. To get a monthly events guide with Kirkland performances sign up for the electronic Tourism Events Guide.

Best of Arts & Culture

Art & Creative Classes

Express your creative side in Kirkland! Whether you’re here for the weekend or here...

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Art Galleries

Immerse yourself at Kirkland's downtown galleries which feature local and nationally known...

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Arts & Entertainment

Kirkland has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene with something for everyone. Attend a...

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Art Galleries Walking Tour

Our art galleries reflect our passion for art in all its forms! Immerse yourself in Kirkland's...

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Concerts & Live Music

Concerts and live music are an acclaimed and beloved part of Kirkland culture. At any time of year...

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History & Heritage

Kirkland is a City that treasures its rich, vibrant history! From the historic images wrapping...

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Public Art

Hitting the pavement to explore and view Kirkland’s vast collection of intriguing public art...

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