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Kirkland Parks

Parks in Kirkland, WA

With their lush beauty and generously-offered bits of history, it has been said that Kirkland’s parks reflect the soul of the City. Visit our sparkling waterfront parks or hike through our thickly-wooded forests and be amazed at the never-ending wonders you’ll encounter on your journey.


The city of Kirkland boasts an extraordinary parks system, thanks to long-ago city leaders who had the foresight to plan for parklands along the shores of Lake Washington, thus preserving the space for future generations. It is also thanks to the Kirkland community members of today, whose love for preservation and advocacy for parks has resulted in the city’s ability to not only care for its parks, but consistently enhance and improve them. As a result, Kirkland residents, neighbors and guests can enjoy Kirkland’s diverse waterfront landscape, explore wooded forestlands and experience intimate pockets of creek-side old-growth trees located neatly adjacent to homes and schools.  


Today, parks make up 25 percent of the City's total square miles along the lake. More recently, the city purchased the section of the Eastside Rail Corridor that traverses Kirkland from the South Kirkland Park & Ride to Totem Lake. The 5.75-mile Cross Kirkland Corridor has a crushed gravel trail perfect for exploring the City by bike or foot!