Arts & Culture

Kirkland’s arts scene is sophisticated and international, but also vibrant and whimsical. Art performances, exhibits, classes and galleries are abundant throughout the city. Outdoor sculptures and artistic installations created by nationally acclaimed artists are dotted throughout Kirkland parks, sidewalks, and along the waterfront for public enjoyment. Local performance, theater and dance centers bring the arts alive in Kirkland! Catch many major appearances and productions, comedy shows, and live performances at any of our unique and diverse venues.

The Kirkland Performance Center, the City's premier theatre, hosts more than 200 music, theatre and dance performances each year. The 400-seat theatre is spacious yet retains an intimate feel, allowing the Kirkland Performance Center to enrich, educate, and entertain through performances that ignite the imagination and connect audiences and artists.

Best of Arts & Culture

Art & Creative Classes

Express your creative side in Kirkland! Whether you’re here for the weekend or here...

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Art Galleries

Immerse yourself at Kirkland's downtown galleries which feature local and nationally known...

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Arts & Entertainment

Kirkland has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene with something for everyone. Attend a...

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Art Galleries Walking Tour

Our art galleries reflect our passion for art in all its forms! Immerse yourself in Kirkland's...

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Concerts & Live Music

Concerts and live music are an acclaimed and beloved part of Kirkland culture. At any time of year...

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History & Heritage

Kirkland is a City that treasures its rich, vibrant history! From the historic images wrapping...

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Public Art

Hitting the pavement to explore and view Kirkland’s vast collection of intriguing public art...

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