Explore Wide Open Spaces in and Around Kirkland

The urge to explore something new has perhaps never seemed so intense. We are all hankering to get outside, to cast aside the virtual and get to the real, to visit interesting places beyond our screens and living rooms, and to taste life’s adventure in the flesh once again.

Kirkland awaits, a safe distance from everywhere. Kirkland is a haven; a big small city offering a range of activities in wide open spaces, and hotel nests away from home that are safe and welcoming. We have been busy these months, working together to improve safety, share information and reshape the way that we approach both business and recreation. Kirkland hotels coddle visitors with warm and caring attention, up-to-date Covid19 amenities, and hygienic assurances. While you rest easy, you can look forward to spectacular day trips minutes from your room. At nearby Snoqualmie Pass, thundering waterfalls humble visitors with their power and beauty; in neighboring Woodinville Wine Country award-winning vintners beckon in a bucolic landscape; in Seattle sculpture parks and ferryboat excursions transport to new and exciting landscapes; and all around the area a network of thousands of accessible hiking trails for every ability offer easy access. Explore Kirkland and the surrounding environment at an easy, safe distance.

When you are ready, you’ll find Kirkland a welcome step away from Zoom. Our backdrops aren’t digital; the dockside sunsets and wine flights are real. When you feel ready to dip your toe back into the waters of real life, Kirkland stands ready with 25 miles of lakefront beauty to welcome you. Kirkland is a convenient home base for many Northwest adventures. Our city is uniquely situated as a launching pad for regional exploration of the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new focus on safety for any activities one engages with outside the home. You will find that Kirkland is a comfortable and comforting base camp from which to venture out to enjoy wide open spaces and socially distant activities in nature. Go out an get some fresh air, then come home to Kirkland where vigilant and responsible business owners dedicated to ensuring your well being and health. 

Once the epicenter of COVID-19, Kirkland is now the epicenter of resilience. We welcome you to be a part of our recovery. With Kirkland as your starting point, there are many opportunities for exploration and adventure that will thrill, inspire, and spark your love for our beautiful City. Arrive on a Friday and stay until Sunday and we’ll help fill your time with the best this City has to offer and more.

Explore our Neighboring Cities

Redmond ~ 5 miles east / 13 minutes
Redmond is a city of wide, open parks, meandering trails, lively outdoor concerts, and rich local culture. Its bustling downtown area is home to a large shopping complex, eclectic restaurants and shops, and a variety of lodging options for out-of-town visitors. First settled in the 1870s, Redmond has since grown into a teeming city perhaps best recognized as the home of Microsoft and Nintendo of America. These modern, technological powerhouses are juxtaposed with the city’s rich history, tenderly preserved in the form of buildings like the beloved Old Redmond Schoolhouse, and the monumental carvings of Dudley Carter, the city’s late artist-in-residence.

To get a glimpse of what makes Redmond so special, visit their website. Better yet, visit in person, and Experience Redmond!

Bothell ~ 8 miles north / 12 minutes
Just north of downtown Seattle, the riverside town of Bothell is a quintessential Northwest getaway, offering a variety of remarkable natural and historic attractions as well as modern culinary and spirit experiences.

Bellevue ~ 7 miles south / 12 minutes
Bellevue, just to the south, offers premier shopping at The Braven or The Bellevue Collection, a stunning display of art at the Bellevue Arts Museum, and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

Woodinville ~ 8 miles north / 13 minutes
Head to the Woodinville Wine Country to sample wines from more than 70 local wineries and enjoy the multi-use recreational Burke Gilman Trail.

Seattle ~ 12 miles west / 20 minutes
Some of Seattle's limitless attractions are closed or have limited access due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check Visit Seattle for up to date information. When re-opening allows, venture west to visit Seattle’s Pike Place MarketSeattle Art Museum, the Space Needle and Museum of Pop Culture, as well as the Olympic Sculpture Park. Or, catch a Seattle Mariner's, SeahawksSounders, or Storm game in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.
Additional Points of Interest