Fine Dining

Kirkland is full of hard-working, often globe-trotting people, and its eclectic array of restaurants reveal a deep international influence. Indeed, throughout Kirkland’s neighborhoods, it is easy to find a great meal, full of exotic flavors at reasonable prices. But Kirkland also has a selection of exquisite culinary grand dames, fine dining restaurants with long and lustrous reputations throughout the region, venues which absolutely rival the top choices in neighboring Seattle and beyond. Kirkland’s fine dining establishments tend towards service that is relaxed but attentive, atmospheres that are intimate and comfortable, renowned chefs and menus to write home about. Whether you’re hungry from hiking or biking in Kirkland’s extensive park system, sailing or kayaking on Lake Washington, or emerging from a long and intense spa day Kirkland’s fine-dining venues deliver once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventures.