104 Lake Street S, Kirkland, WA 98033
Our Mission: Reduce environmental impact. Craft the best food. Provide exceptional service. Cultivate our people. For us it’s about “Growing with Purpose,” ensuring our food is sustainably sourced, ingredient by ingredient, farm by farm, choosing what is best for all stakeholders - people, animals and the land. We believe that as our business grows, our positive environmental impact should too. Our stores are designed to be as low-impact as possible. We use reclaimed, recycled and FSC certified building materials and low-VOC paints in our furniture and wall coverings. We use hyper-efficient LED and CFL lighting. Additionally, there are no trash cans: we only use nearly 100% compostable + recyclable products. We’re so often asked “what’s a sustainable sandwich?” And we get it, on the surface, it’s just a sandwich! But we believe that something as simple as a sandwich can do big things in the world. Our idea is that if we thoughtfully curate every little thing about the sandwich - where the grains for the bread come from, how the animals behind our meats and cheeses are raised, what chemicals we’re keeping off our fruits and vegetables - each sandwich will be a little bit healthier for the planet and for the people who enjoy eating them. And when you multiply that effect by all the sustainable sandwiches we sell every day, you can really start to envision the positive change we can have on the food system, even by rallying behind something as simple as a sandwich. We know it sounds silly, but we call this idea Sandwich Environmentalism and it’s delicious!