Side Hustle Taproom

15 Lake St., Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 898-4136
The craft beer on the eastside of Seattle is largely trapped in industrial areas where the rent is low and the ambiance is bare. Meanwhile, the stylish and comfortable bars in walkable downtowns serve up the usual, boring suspects: industrial beer disguised as real craft. When one does find legit craft beer, the chances that it is both fresh and the variety one prefers is small. Side Hustle is on a mission to upend this model, bringing a full line of brewery-fresh beer directly from small producers to bustling town centers. We bring great beer to where the people are. Our beer is sourced directly from local breweries on the day it is kegged. It never sits around, goes into storage, or enriches distributors and middlemen. Furthermore, we let the breweries take the distributor’s cut, directly impacting their bottom line. We also contract with local breweries to brew our own beer label, Side Hustle. Buying a beer at Side Hustle better supports the local brewery economy than drinking at any other bar. At Side Hustle you can sit in comfort and enjoy the best beer the eastside has to offer. Have a favorite brewery whose beer you’d like to drink here? Introduce us! We’re always happy to add more local breweries to our co-op.