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SomanMateo Photography's mission is to provide you with a third person perspective of your precious wedding day, as if you were going through a storybook, only that the characters of this story are you and your dear ones. The heart and soul of this team are two photographers, who also happen to be blissfully in love with each other as much as they are with their craft. Mary Dee Mateo and Mukul Soman have very different styles of work which blend together flawlessly to build a narrative that is both visually captivating and lyrically rich. Mary Dee is a commercial portrait photographer who is a technical perfectionist and Mukul is a photojournalist who likes to be in the thick of action. Mary Dee thrives on creating beautifully lit bridal portraiture while Mukul revels in on-the-go documentary shots of your wedding with utmost focus on composition, story and moment. Mary Dee's credentials include winning the Glazer's Portfolio Award for 2016 and has worked with Seattle Met Magazine and Bellevue Club Reflections Magazine. You can visit her individual portfolio at Mukul has been published multiple times in domestic and international publications like the National Geographic Society, the Daily Mirror, The Huffington Post, etc. You can visit his invididual portfolio at Based in Seattle, WA.