Juanita Beach Park

9703 NE Juanita Drive, Kirkland, WA 98034
Newly renovated Juanita Beach is one of Kirkland's most popular parks! Juanita Beach Park features a playground, bathhouse with restrooms, sand volleyball courts, ballfields, tennis courts, walking path, picnic shelters and a seasonal swimming area. This park includes areas on both sides of Juanita Drive and includes 1,000 feet of Lake Washington shoreline. The park bathhouse was rebuilt and a new accessible playground installed in 2020. Juanita Beach Park has a rich history as a popular summer destination since the early 1900s. There are many interpretive signs telling the history of the area throughout the park. There are two parking lots available at this park with space for up to 200 vehicles. Juanita Beach Park has volleyball and tennis courts available for drop-in use only. The volleyball courts are on the beach side of Juanita Drive and the tennis courts are across the street. Juanita Beach Park has two youth baseball/softball fields available for drop in use or rental. Juanita Beach Park has been a popular summer destination since the early 1900s. The property was originally settled by Dorr and Eliza Forbes in 1876. Their original house burned in 1905, but their second home still stands on the park property next to the ballfield. In 1916, the construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal caused Lake Washington to drop 8.8 feet revealing a sandy shore at Juanita Beach. The park became a popular resort with a two-story bathhouse in the 1920s under the guidance of Dora and Eliza's son Leslie and his wife Alicia. In 1956, they sold the park to King County. It remained a county park until 2002, when ownership was transferred to the City of Kirkland and a voter-approved maintenance levy dedicated new funds for improved park stewardship.
Park Amenities
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